Time To Change

It’s amazing how fast the time goes, which leads me to my next point. Look, I know that wasn’t a subtle transition, but bear with me it will all make sense. Time goes by quickly, so fast in fact it’s not worth it to spend your time operating a business that isn’t lighting you up.

Maybe you saw my eloquent (my choice of words) story on instagram about pivoting in business. Well it turns out I’m not quite done with that thought and I think it’s worth expanding on. So here goes nothing.

Something most people don’t talk about, or at least I’m not seeing is knowing when to shift your business. Perhaps it’s hard to know exactly when, aside from a feeling that something’s not quite right. Feelings AND business? Yes they go together. You’re business is a living breathing thing, and you need to be able to tap into that and figure out how it’s feeling for you. As the person steering the ship if you’re feeling uninspired, bored, stressed to the max something has got to change.

I thought it might be helpful to give you a few que’s that will tip you off, because “a subtle feeling” just isn’t enough information to move forward with in my opinion.

  1. You’re no longer serving the community you set out to serve. If your customers aren’t connecting with, and feeling the value of your product or service it’s time to reevaluate.

  2. You’ve stopped growing. I’m not talking insane growth. 5% growth on average is good, anything less than that, take a look at what could change.

  3. Your employees keep leaving you. No this is not a “them” problem, this is a “you” problem. Something's got to give!

  4. The market has changed. Whether you like it or not this will affect your business. Keep an eye on how your industry is evolving. To be clear I don’t mean you need to overhaul every time you see someone do something new, but perhaps every quarter make a point to see what advancements are happening.

  5. You aren’t feeling it. Yes, this is that “feeling” I was talking about. We all know it’s there, but we often don’t listen to it because we had a whole plan in place that we don’t want to steer away from.

Change isn’t easy, even when it’s welcomed. It can take incredible courage to pivot your business, and it can often feel like everyone is watching and judging you. Remember you are doing a disservice to you and your business if you don’t step up and make changes when they’re needed.

If you ever need any support don’t hesitate to reach out, I’m here to support you!


Talk soon,


Sara McCabe