5 Signs That You Need To Press Pause


As entrepreneurs we are trained to be machines, to continue to push when we really shouldn't push much more...because, well, if you stop working you'll never succeed, right?

Sorry to break it to you, but that answer is WRONG. Honestly I'm at a point in the month where I'm a bit tired (hi, it's Mal!), there's lot's going on, I'm moving, and I haven't slept much in the past few days. I noticed some signs that were telling me I need a breather. It's so easy to bypass those signs, when you're so accustomed to just pushing through (hello workaholics, perfectionists, and type A's--I'm looking at you!). Here are 5 signs I look out for that mean, Mal, you need to pause for a minute!


  1. Extra Annoyed
    These are moments when even the slightest of things someone will do will annoy me. Maybe it's the way someone talks to me, the way someone wrote an email, the way my team executed a plan. It's when it's easy to see how everything is going wrong rather than how it's going right!

  2. Feeling Fatigued
    This one is easy. Finding myself drained of energy, slamming down coffee or matcha after coffee or matcha. Now this might not be during a meeting, where miraculously I'm able to pull the energy out, but during the in-between moments.

  3. Not Sleeping or Eating Right
    When my sleeping schedule starts to go all over the place, or I find myself so busy that I'm not eating...I know something is up. This one also ties into the reasons why you may be fatigued (yes, everything plays into everything!)

  4. Constantly Consumed 
    When my mind is constantly running at 100000 ideas and to-do's per minute, and there is not breather...something must be off. 

  5. Snappy-ness
    When I'm reactive, and snappy I definitely know something is up. The smallest of things will make me either think of some snappy reaction or actually say/do it. 


Now, these are all things that took me time to recognize in myself. The key here is that I had to figure out my own signs. In those moments where you are feeling overwhelmed of stress, write down what you do daily--how you feel mentally and physically, what you reacted to, what your habits are, etc. The more you do this the more you'll start to see a pattern of behaviours when you are extra stressed. Once you know the signs, you can take note and shift directions and take a breather.


When I'm overwhelmed I get caught in my mind, either overthinking and acting from ego (snappy-ness and annoyances), caught up in the future (being constantly consumed with thinking about what is next rather than focusing on doing the best at what I'm doing in the moment), or just caught up in what to do, causing me to forget the significance of taking care of myself.


Remember, your business can only succeed as much as you do. It's not a success to be drained, exhausted, and unable to function. Look out for the signs that you need to take care of YOU!


Okay, signing off, literally so I can go and take breather!





Mal Tayag