Every Failure Is Feedback

So, usually people like to share what they've done in business that has succeeded. Usually we're all v v v v v vvvvvvv ashamed of all the ways that we failed. Trust, been there, done that. Just kidding, still failing from time to time, the only thing that's changed is that I no longer view those moments through a lens of shame, but through a lens of learning.

Every failure is feedback.

Every stumble is feedback for how we can be better and do better the next time. It's feedback to know what does or doesn't work for us. So instead of shaming each other for being imperfect, how about we celebrate our failures, because they allow us to grow and strategize for a better us, a better business, and a better future. 

Now, doesn't that sound nice?


Here are my biggest failures....I mean…

Here is my favourite feedback that I've gotten about biz:

  1. Just because I'm boss, doesn't mean I'm best, or always right
    Geeze, this girl Mal, talk about ego, ammirite? Sometimes when you're the boss, you just want people to do the things you tell them to do. Especially when you are in high-stress environments, and maybe not the happiest person in your job. People questioning your authority or your ideas can feel like an annoyance, and sometimes you're just like...please just do it! Well, hate to break it to you, that's not the smartest strategy. Usually you're put in a leadership position for a reason, and that reason is to provide leadership not dictatorship. Listen to your team, and if they're not listening to you then the problem is bigger than just people not doing what you say to do. 

    How are YOU playing a part in the lack of respect for authority? Are you being clear? Are you being fair? Could there be a better way to do things?

  2. Things always go wrong
    As perfect of a business person that you think you can be, as prepared as you think you are, things will never go perfectly. Be prepared to have your plans at the core of what's going on, but be flexible in your reactions to and ways that everything actually happens.

    This doesn't mean lowering your expectations, all of you high achievers sit down. This means having high expectations for the IMPACT that you want in the result, but not stubborn or fixed in the means. 

  3. I can never predict what another person is thinking
    I beg of you. Never. Assume. This is something that my over analytical mind always loses control with. I'm the type of person to analyze someones reactions or responses to things and go down 2834273 holes of interpretations. It's no bueno. It's also no good to assume that people can just read the signs of a situations...for example, doing things like leaving what you think are hints...for how to behave, for how to communicate, for what your boundaries are, for what your expectations are...what is the solve here?

    COMMUNICATE! This goes for both interactions and quarrels (if you get into an awkward or heated conversation, don't end it without clearly stating where you're at at the end of it, and hearing from the other people involved) AND when working with other (set guidelines! Be clear with the who, what, when, where, why, of all situations. Especially when they involve others. The quickest way to clear up confusion? Spell it out, and make sure to get everyones nod of receipt)

  4. I cannot expect people to do things the way I want them to
    No one sees things the same way. I repeat, we are all different human beings. We all have different lived experiences that make up our perceptions of the universe (yes I get a bit meta sometimes). It's like if all humans were born and given a pair of glasses that are all different unique colours, would anyone see things the same way? Maybe that was a shitty metaphor, but I was leading to the answer of no. Therefore, we can't expect anyone to interpret anything in the exact same way that you, yourself would...so don't expect them to. A lot of managers and leaders, including my past self (okay, confession, still sometimes, but that's okay because it takes time to rid bad habits when they've been a part of your being for 20+ years! I've just got to recognize every time it happens and stop it!) will tell people to do things, and then get angry when they don't do it exactly like them.

    Again, this comes down to communication. If you want it done a certain way, BE CLEAR. More importantly you should be concerned with the result. Does it really matter if someone doesn't follow your exact organization and methods if it takes them longer and they end up getting what you want done more efficiently their way? If someone is able to be efficient, ethical, detail oriented, and effective with their job in their own way, then give them that freedom. This will also show that you trust them.

  5. It's okay to say I can't rather than I can all. the. time.
    Hey you, yeah you entrepreneur. Are you stuck in go go go mode? Yeah I feel you. If we aren't, then we're not enough right? We aren't going to ever succeed, right? We suck. KIDDING. I call BS on those thoughts. We are all so programmed to constantly say YES, when we should be paying more attention to saying NO. If we don't, then we mineswell go straight into burnout mode now. Hello health implications. Hello unhappiness. Hello stress.

    This is reminder of something I always say: YOU are the most important part of your business, your wellbeing, because where your business is at will be a reflection of where you're at. Say NO sometimes, it's okay to do so.

Okay, no more cheeze.

Wait, JK, one more thing: Love,



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