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Aren’t you tired of waking up feeling anxious and stressed? You’re not just “good, but busy” you’re overwhelmed. We can help.


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No BS tools and resources for stressed entrepreneurs that help you take control and build a sustainable business

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What You’ve Got To Say About The Starter Kit


“I had a plan in place, a clear vision of how to grow my business, I was ready! Ha, how easy it is to get overwhelmed and go off track. After months of anxiety and the growing pressure of feeling the need to succeed, Bakit’s Starter Kit jumped off the page as a refreshing way to “re-start.” I really enjoyed how simple Mal and Sara made the course. It’s easy to watch, follow, read and learn. I gave myself a week to complete each of the segments, allowing time to truly evaluate and be honest with myself, my opportunities and acknowledge where I’ll need help going forward. The workbooks and checklist’s have been my guide, and I’m looking forward to talking with Sara and Mal to dig in deeper and resolve new findings. Bakit’s Starter Kit is now my foundation to getting started (again,) although it’s still kinda scary, I'm confident and now have a solid plan to succeed.”



“The Bakit team provided me with tools that allowed me to understand the part I play in my business. I didn’t know how crucial it was to know myself before I could really run my business.”



“Loved this course! Especially the topic of stress. I think that stress has become so normalized in this day and age, that its hard to recognize when we (body, mind & soul) are in distress. I appreciated the thorough breakdown of the meaning of stress, where it comes from, how to identify it in our day to day and how to combat it!!!!

This course is more than a starter kit, but something that can be used no matter where you are on your entrepreneur journey. If you aren't healthy, you can't expect your business to be. Highly recommend!!!”



Our No BS Keys To A Successful Business: A Webinar

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We’re here to help you if you’re feeling like these folks to the left (aka us). This webinar will include:

  • Approximately 30 minutes of us telling you our 4 KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS

  • Minimum 1 minute of us acting a fool

  • To know how to finesse stress into being an actual benefit for you (yeah, sounds impossible, we know!)

  • Understand the importance of your Whatfor (and what a Whatfor even is)

  • Start learning the structure for how to juggle 29848347920 things at once

  • An inside look at the roadmap you need to continue growing and succeeding

  • A secret freebie if you hang with us until the end!


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How to stop letting your yearly goals become just words in a notebook.


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